A Month Ago…

or so it feels since I last posted…sorry bout that Mr. Blog–I’m not trying to ignore you–I actually really want to spend more time with you–I guess other priorities take the cake sometimes.  But we’re together again—and it’s all because of this lovely snow storm.  Gotta love how everything comes to a stand still when the big snow comes into town—which gives me every reason and excuse to sit still for a bit with my feet up, blogging away.I will eventually have to help dig us out…but let’s not think about that right now.

So….beginning the backtracking adventure…stuff that has happened in our little world….

V-Day love–

Holy cuteness—I’m glad I got that out of my system.

Daddy came home just moments after I shot these quick pics and was greeted warmly by his Valentine baby.

Grandma came by for a valentine surprise–anna loved her gifts–especially the duck- and the card tasted good too.

Her shirt says “I make chunky thighs look good”

As to what Tony and I did for v-day after baby cuteness was fast asleep–well, we held firm to our v-day tradition.

Which means ravioli on the floor. But this year we made it from scratch–cause we’re fancier people now I guess.
Well, not too fancy–since we still don’t own a rolling pin or a round cookie-cuter–so we made due with our trusty wine bottle and glass.

This year’s ravioli was filled with shrimp and cheese (cause my baby loves his shrimp)–a whole lot of yumminess was going on.

this was some good schmack I must say.  So what is ravioli on the floor you might ask?

Valentines Day was actually our first date.  And he made a ravioli meal for me at my apartment—and well, I didn’t really have any formal table and chairs to sit comfortably and eat our meal with—so we popped a squat and ate it on the floor.  Oh, so romantic right?  We thought so.

This year we sat crossed legged on the carpet, food positioned on some short ottomans, surrounded by toys.

ok….enough ravioli pictures–just a little proud to say the least =)


That’s about it for now–Tony is needing my snow shoveling assistance–but I hope to post again soon some pics from our recent mommy/daughter travels.  Good stuff to come!

But, before I sign off–I’ve got to share my recent thrift store finds:

scarf beauties

a breakfast in bed nudge

a tall glass container that doesn’t contain anything yet–still figuring out what should go in there–
and some super-sonic-awesome socks that were just too interesting not to buy.
Total came to: $3.50

Oh–and be on the look out (those who know my sis) for my quick creation postcard invitation to her wedding shower bash happening next month–she’s the last one of the bunch to take the plunge–and heck are we gonna celebrate!!

I’m lovin’ the polar bear stamps!!

Stay warm and safe everyone!


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