The little details

Today was a good day. We started it out the right way. A nice soak in the tub–followed up with a session of footsie.

All clean =)

Tasty fingers…she can’t get enough of them lately.

Who can resist a ruffle butt?  I certainly cannot.

Both sets of grandmas think that ruffle butts are the best invention ever created–so I’m thinking she will never be ruffle-less.

She has really been changing lately.  Things are starting to click in her cute little head.  I’m relishing this stage of her growth.  She is so innocent…so easily entertained…so good at keeping out of trouble.  Our days are falling through my fingers like sand and I can’t push pause—so I snap pictures instead.

Here’s an awesome laugh attack caught on film:

My baby’s laughter = music to my ears.
We’re gonna have lots of fun together–I can already tell.

Finished up my Christmas cards today and wrote in Anna’s journal.  My sister encouraged me to write down my thoughts and observations of Anna’s life month to month.  I love writing in it knowing that her little eyes will graze over it one day in wonderment of these early days.

Baby’s first day in the snow!  She was quietly observant at first…but her mood quickly switched to laughter and delight at the sea of white surrounding her.

oh…and can’t you see the Christmas Story movie’s little brother all over these pics??

We took a trip over to our friend Rachel’s house…which was warmly waiting for us in all it’s cuteness.  Rachel is beautiful….but you don’t have to ask me–her home confirms my words.  I couldn’t resist putting some of my favorite objects  from her adorable place on here for you all to enjoy:

A totally unique Christmas tree–love it!

Rachel is the type of soul who takes in every detail surrounding her and appreciates it. Her gift wrapping is amazing–every detail put there on purpose.

What a cozy home….I raise my glass to every woman who makes a house a home.

Anna enjoyed herself just as much as I.

Check out this woman’s organization–

Oh, and to top it off–she made me homemade chai…holy oh-my-goodness chai.

Yeah, it was a good day.  Stuffed full of all the little details/special moments of life that cause you to breathe in deeply your blessings.  And I’d have to say that cup of chai counted as a double blessing.

Rachel is expecting her first bundle of joy this June.  So incredibly happy for her–what a wonderful mommy that sweet little baby will have indeed.

Good night friends- R

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