Yuppers, I’ve hit the big 5-0 friends.  50 posts baby.

To celebrate—I have some happy moments from our world to share:

Our 1st Snow fall~

we snuggled up to the big picture window and watched it fly.

There is something always so romantic and beautiful about the 1st snowfall—No matter my age, I always get the same feelings in my heart and in my stomach.  I fully enjoyed sharing this sacred moment with this little one.


Meeting Elmo and Cookie Monster at the local library…

she didn’t know what to do about the dancing giants–there were no tears, only a wide-eye, deer-look the whole time they put on there dancing jig.  good times.


An early Thanksgiving family get-together~

all 5 siblings together

we cousins, played our traditional “mafia” game –and guess what?  the mafia finally won–which like never happens.

my lovely cousin Annie, who Anna took a special liking to.

my uncle set up an old tape recorder of my grandparent’s, uncle’s and my mom’s voices as youngsters–it’s was freakin’ hilarious to listen to them ramble on and on as they passed the mic around to each family member—-  a truly amazing treat (well, embarrassing to some) to listen to that era frozen in time.

the little ones did pretty darn well for being shut up in one room for the entire day—we managed to distract them with popcorn, mega blocks, and a bit of coloring–which some older folks got into as well.

We treasure these extended family get-togethers…with my generation marrying off and popping out babies like crazy, it gets harder and harder to bring everyone together–but when it happens, we let the good times roll.


on a final note of happiness….

I’ve been making more of these then I’d like to admit…but they are oh-so addicting.

happy Wednesday friends!

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