Sweet cheeks and I are the first ones up….and this was the fresh, white greeting the world gave us, on the first day of 2012:

thank you very much 2012!! I love you already.

I kinda have this assumption that a New Year always has a way of opening up your mind and heart to give you a perspective about your life unlike any other time of year… I never seem to have to force this process to happen…it creeps up on me in the everyday moments of my life….and I don’t have to go find a quiet place to hear my inner voice–it suddenly becomes amplified whether I’m in the midst of doing dishes or changing a diaper.  Which is why I love the start of a New Year so much.  It’s truly a moment of mercy and a deep breathe of grace.

There is another benny of the New Year I wish I could capture in a bottle to take out and take a whiff of on a slow unmotivated day: the pure energy found in a fresh start.  So many of us feel it’s rush, and we start the year off like the start of a race–strong, focused and full of potential.  Oh, to finish the race strong.

My sister and her huz were our visitors for the weekend–and we we’re thrilled to have them.  Little Anna lynn drank in their love and attention.

starting the year off right:

Cheers to second chances, fresh starts, and kisses from our lover boys.

2012, I welcome you with open arms–I hope you like hugs.



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