Anna is 2

You hear it all the time, in fact, almost daily, that our babies grow up so fast before our eyes….well, it’s true, and my baby is not a baby anymore…#2 is a huge change folks, huge.  My sister warned me of the amount of changes that would transpire when number 2 rolled around, and that she would start to talk my ear off and that her mind would become an amazing sponge of learning.

So much has transpired in this little girl’s life, but I think she would agree the best gift and greatest change has been the addition of her little sister.  She has grown into her big sister roll like a champ, as she continuously cares and loves on baby Selah…the transition from being the only one to having another person in the house was as smooth as butter…it’s like she was ready, wanting another person to go about her day with.

We held her actual party on a different day, so that her birth-day was just us–low-key and whatev.


she started her birthday morning off with a brand new father-daughter tradition–daddy took her out on a birthday breakfast date, and she got all pretty for him.  my heart was all ooowwwyy, gooooeeyy, full of melted love from this sight.


what anna looks like before she’s had breakfast =)  what’s up??!!

IMG_4614 IMG_4647IMG_4645IMG_4650

you could tell she knew she was his princess.


when she got home, I had her birthday present waiting for her…


we had a wonderful afternoon hanging at our neighborhood park/carnival shindig with some friends.


we love our girl.


no matter how much I ponder how to do things better for her everyday, all I can ever hope for is that she will know just how much she is fully loved.  And that she has changed us forever for the better.


we are so glad that God picked you to be our little one.


I cannot wait to see where your two little feet will take you in this life.  We are watching you (and not in a creepy way).


happy 2nd birthday my little love.


Sweet Beginnings

I don’t have a plan, I just have sweet beginnings on my mind today.  I love making plans, feeling organized and checking things off a to-do list, but I also loves the sweet freedom of zero plans with just a promise of a beginning.

we’re making sweetness a reality around here these days….


we’ve been busy learning and falling in love with the littlest one.

IMG_5450IMG_5448IMG_5471she has a wealth of faces we have come to adore.


let’s just say Anna likes not being the only one anymore.


they are already creating their very own “sister language” that only they can understand.


I have been in the process of putting away all of Selah’s newborn clothing =(  so sad to see these pink booties go….


our baby is a little rollie pollie and has begun the army crawl…she has a passion in her eye, and an intensity in her will to get to whatever she sets her eye on.


big sister has been going through a ton of new changes….too many to even recount.  But to name a few that come to mind, she has made the transition to the big girl bed completely and successfully, she talks virtually the entire day through (little dialogues between her stuffed animals, as well as convos with whoever will take the time to listen), and she is becoming quite the little dancer (photos to come soon).


during the crazy newborn months and a busy photography season, I could bearly keep my head above water…so I didn’t get to visit this space much if not at all….and I feel the need to revisit a few beauties from one-on-one time with my firstborn during the summer months.


she’s amazing.

one last little tid bit I wanted to share….
our only girl cousin in the whole wide world came to visit Selah to welcome her into the world.

we love you Lydia Lou!!  Thanks for the visit, we know there will be many more sleepovers to come.

I’ll be back soon with many more pics to catch up on the huge gap of months that have accumulated.

little by little, I’ll catch up.


we’ll see you again soon with more on our sweet beginnings.